Stowbridge Solar Farm, Stretham, Cambridgeshire

This is a planning application for a 20MW solar farm. The planning application required the production of an Environmental Statement (following receipt of a formal Scoping Opinion from the LPA). Project management of the Environmental Statement and Planning Application included the completion of requirements with legislation (Localism Act 2011) and liaison with locally interested parties.

The proposed application required careful consideration of a number of issues, namely the Agricultural Grade of the Land (Grade 1), Flood Zone matters, Landscape and Ecology. All findings from the requisite reports contributed to the design and exact siting of the proposed scheme to ensure negligible effect on the environment would result, yet deliver sufficient renewable energy for up to 20,000 houses (20MW) and provide local employment opportunities in relation to site construction and long-term operation.

A formal decision granting consent for the development was issued in December 2012 following approval by the Planning Committee and consideration by the Secretary of State.

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